Midnight Flows

from by Michael Steven

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Mama I love you
I mean it
I'm stuck somewhere between remorseful and heartless sos is the Morse code of my immortal souls heartbeat contemplating the significance of property when apparently my demise is only 6 feet deep
It's hard to sleep when you don't want to eat
Victory can only occur when one admits defeat
The devil in disguise is the minds deceit
It's hard to give a shit about chakras
When your cousin walks and sleeps with a chopper no matter the pigment I want to see all of us prosper and eat
Please someone wipe the tears from my mamas eyes
I can't stand to see her cry
My entire life is a lie
I wanna do right by you I mean it
I wanna be someone you can believe in
I just can't see it happening this evenin

(i’m sorry mama, How many times you gonna hear me say that mama)

Pack up the bags let's get it
We're going on a mission
Burners got the minutes
The only digits them hood rats are gettin
I'm sick of sellin drugs
I'm tired of spending every single night in the clubs
Man I wanna make a difference
fear has got my vessel constricted
I'm lifted
You and your homeboys lookin way to
That's why we choose to move with the nickel
All the testers are missiles
Remedy for your sniffles
And the Profits will triple
Allegedly we cripple enemies
That fuck with the equity
The recipe has been the same
Since the seventies
I rarely brandish weaponry
Jealousy will be the death of me
Or the legacy of felonies
Fuck therapy, the judge and the deputy
women and chemistry
Are the remedy
Rest In Peace is the destiny
Rest In Peace is the destiny
(My demons always seem to be 12 steps ahead of me)

(Have you ever felt so afraid
Or ashamed of your past mistakes
That you swore you'd take them to the grave
Your soul it aches
Your heart it breaks
Are you willing to go to any lengths
find the strength
Michael Remember Your life's at stake)

I'm about to unleash
The beast that's locked up in me
Hide your kids clear the streets
And alert police
Call a priest
I'm about to shoot this Jesus freak
And snatch his Jesus piece
Cuz I need relief
No I am not at peace
No This is not defeat
Knot in my fucking stomach
No I cannot eat
While my demons
Feast on fucking dope and bleach
Mama I'm sorry I couldn't
Be there when you needed me
Or sober at your sons funeral
never mind how that piece of shit
treated me
Never mind how he ended up leavin me
Michael leave it be
Mama please believe in me
Believe you me
one day you'll see
That I am not like him
And he is not like me
Down another bottle of gin
It's time to let the demons free


from Do Not Open, released February 23, 2017



all rights reserved


Michael Steven Baltimore, Maryland

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